was born and grew up in Tuscany ust outside Florence, and my connection with the countryside has been an integral part of my daily life since I was young.
After leaving school with a diploma in agricultural technology, I continued my studiesat the University of Florence, where I was awarded a degree in viticulture with my thesis on viticulture receiving a distinction.

To further develop my knowledge of oenology, particularly in the areas of production and sensory analysis techniques, I then studied at the University of Bordeaux..I have always been inspired to learn about winegrowing outside Italy, which has led meto work in California, New Zealand and Argentina. My thirst for knowledge has taken me to many wine-producing areas and countries to understand their history, their wines, and the people in this industry who strive every day to produce great wines.

I started my career and continue to work as a wine consultant, at the Matura Group, an inspiring environment where I work with other respected professionals every day to mutually enrich our professional and personal development. At present, I am working on a number of projects in a variety of esteemed regions of Italy, giving me an important overview of the modern Italian wine industry.


“I feel free to interpret wine by humbly listening to what nature wants to tell us through its force and energy, and that is why I am firmly convinced that creating great wine starts in the vineyard.”