What producers say

Monica e Tito Mariotti Chiorri

Azienda Chiorri
“After careful analysis, we had the pleasure and fortune of encountering a young consulting winemaker – Emiliano Falsini – with the characteristics we were searching for: professionalism, a serious approach to his work, competence, a practical sense, modesty, a willing and cooperative spirit, and admirable human qualities as well. He immediately showed himself completely in tune with our ideas and operational aims. This has assisted our estate, in a few short years, to achieve ambitious goals, both in Italy and internationally as well”

Pierpaolo Manghini

Villa Mongalli
“Our estate, from the very start, could not have found a finer oenologist; thanks to him, in a very few years, it has become a reference point winery for Montefalco. Emiliano is not merely an able and brilliant winemaker, the counselor to whom we unhesitatingly turn in case of doubt or uncertainty, but the friend, always available, attentive to our needs, whom everyone would like to have. For this I am grateful, as is my entire family”.

Gianni Moscardini

“There are many things over which we have no control, and about which we ask how and why they occur. When I created my own winery in 2008, I sought to control as much as possible all of the phases between the growing of grapes and the marketing of wine in order to reduce to a minimum the things which we could not control. I already knew Emiliano Falsini from my work as an agronomist and the many estates where we work side by side in the vineyard, and I asked him to help me control the process of transformation of the grapes into wine and then its subsequent aging. To say at this point that the decision was the right one would be all too evident and obvious, so I will simply say, instead, that in Emiliano I have found the solution I was searching, for it quite true. He is never interferes excessively in his suggestions, is always open to the request of the producer, professional in his work, a friend in daily life”

Giovanni Valenti

Vinicola Valenti
“Emiliano is a reference point for us as wine producers, all of the professional abilities in our firm, in fact, converge on him. He maintains a constant dialogue with the producer, a dialogue which is essential in order to experiment with new ideas and techniques which seek excellence in the results”

Nicola Chiucchiurlotto

“It was hard to know how things would have gone that day. If I hadn’t taken that train … who knows ??!!?? Maybe someone else could have been there instead of Emiliano … perhaps my life would have taken another turn. The only thing which is certain is that, ever since that day, there has been both fun and a kind of match, an encounter and a debate, ambition and respect, Florence vs. Juventus. I could use a flood of words to describe Emiliano, but at this moment in time I prefer to use only one: thanks!”

Ilaria e Rolando Bettarini

Fattoria di Piazzano
“Emiliano, for us, is both our oenologist and a true friend, a valued collaborator, always open to discussion and an exchange of viewpoints. Our work together is the fruit of commonly shared ideas: to create excellent wine not merely in the cellar but, first and foremost, in the vineyard. It is in the vineyard, in the search and selection of the finest grapes, care and attention which seeks the least impact possible and gives us the wines we seek to have in the bottle. That reflect as much as possible our ideas and goals, assisting us with techniques and scientific knowledge, but with a maximum respect for tradition and the territory. Together we have grown.”

Donatella Agostoni

“For me, who has been involved in the production of wine for only a short time, Emiliano is very important. Between the enthusiasm and satisfaction on the one hand, the anxiety and worry on the other, which fill the daily life of the work of a winery, his knowing and balanced approach gives me the necessary confidence: his competence is accompanied by modesty, a rare gift by now in a world of wine where trends, over-simplification, and all too confident declarations hold sway instead of the balance and substance which are what are really needed. Emiliano Falsini gives me balance, helps me to be true to myself, which for me is the truest form of fidelity to the territory, to my winery, to my wines, and, in the last analysis, to me myself. Too complimentary? Well, if I need to find some faults in Emiliano, I would say that I, a native of the city of Bologna, find him too enthusiastic a fan of the Florentine soccer team and he has not yet gotten use to temperatures north of the Apennines!”

Alberto Salvadori

La Battagliola
“I shall preface these remarks by saying that I am not a cultivator as, I work in an entirely different field and that, in the beginning of our working relationship I had a violent disagreement with Emiliano: I did not like at all the wine he showed me. But he was right, as he has always has been over the course of these last five years of collaboration during which he has made Battaglioga a reference point producer of Lambrusco Grasparossa, He has demonstrated, making such a lovely Lambrusco, great flexibility and high level professional capacities. To move from noble Tuscan reds to an entirely different type of wine with such ease is greatly to his credit. In addition, he has human qualities which go well beyond his outstanding professional abilities: he is a very hard worker, meticulous and exacting. For him the day is 36 hours long and, in addition, he has the great merit of making you feel like his sole client”

Pasquale Lunati

“Emiliano is a terroir oenologist. A painstaking professional always seeking the true potential of each and every area in which he works. We particularly appreciate his international outlook on wine”

Giacomo Mori

Azienda Agricola Giacomo Mori
“The working relationship our winery has with consultant Emiliano Falsini began in the year 2000, when his name was proposed by the Matura Group, in particular by Dr. Alberto Antonini who, from the very beginning, had assisted our firm both in its planning and in its operating decisions. The working philosophy and methodology have been defined during the years in which we have worked with Emiliano Falsini, optimizing the various types of wine in production on the basis of the types of grapes which are grown. In short, the wines have become more and more characterized in terms of their territory: their micro-climate, their various soils, and the morphology of the different vineyard parcels. In the cellars as well, fermentation and aging techniques have been perfected: the choice of the oak to be used, the length of the wood aging, and the period of bottle aging before release.
“All this has allowed us to produce wines which reflect the personality of their individual vineyards and, in the case of our Chianti, of the blends; this has allowed the house to obtain gratifying and flattering recognition in important national and international wine guides along with much appreciation on the part of consumers. Emiliano’s work, in addition to being decisive in achieving these results, has the notable merit of being perfectly in tune with the winery’s aims and objectives; he has intervened with great professionalism and competence in the definition of the goals and the way to reach them”

Nicola Cantoni

Fattoria Fibbiano
“Cosa dire… Grande personaggio nel mondo dell’enologia, un ragazzo con i piedi ben saldi a terra, un buon connubio tra agronomia ed enologia.
Sono circa otto anni che collaboriamo.
Molto presente in azienda, le sue scelte sono sempre rivolte al territorio. La cosa che lo contraddistingue da molti altri è la sua grande flessibilità nella scelta dei blend finali, sempre con un occhio di riguardo verso quello che il produttore vuole.
Sempre pronto a confrontarsi con altre realtà enologiche, come un libro che non smette mai di essere scritto. E’ un appassionato conoscitore di vini provenienti da altre regioni e nazioni ed ha una grande abilità nel farti capire le loro caratteristiche più importanti e degne di merito.
Un’altra cosa che mi ha colpito di Emiliano è la sua semplicità. Secondo lui non bisogna fasciarsi la testa con ritrovati enologici di ultima generazione che possano stravolgere i vini, ma contare sulla qualità di ed una buona gestione dei vigneti.
Concludo dicendo che è un piacere lavorare con Emiliano per la sua umiltà e per la sua capacità di mettere a proprio agio le persone con le quali collabora.”

Silvia e Mauro Vannucci

“We came to know Emiliano Falsini through our rapport with Alberto Anotnini and the Matura Group, and with him we began the work of achieving maximum expressivity in our wines, giving them even greater personality and interpreting, as well as possible, the character of the grapes grown in our proprietary vineyards. Thanks to his openness to dialogue and discussion, to his professionalism, and to his sensitivity to our needs, we have been able to create a competent and efficient working team capable of giving us much satisfaction in our work, wines with much international recognition which are able to fully reflect our idea of a great wine”

Serena Menarini

Donne Fittipaldi
“Since his first days with our house in 2001, Emiliano Falsini has been, for Donne Fittipaldi, a driving force in the realization of a project of great importance for us; he has also been an integral part of the working group which achieved this result and has maintained his commitment to continuing success. Thanks to his incisive and dedicated research and study, we immediately succeeded in producing quality wines, and his knowledge of the world of wine has allowed us to achieve important levels and to reduce to a minimum spraying against vine diseases, making our wines virtually natural products. I thank Emiliano for the work he has done, for what he continues to do, for the passion for wine which he exudes, and for his company in this splendid trip across the world of wine.”

Enza Le Fauci

Tenuta Enza Le Fauci
“Those who first enter into contact with us, Tenuta Enza La Fauci, after visiting the property and tasting the wine, usually ask me: ‘who is your winemaker’. I never answer right away with the first and last name of the oenologist, but rather tell them that, in the lengthy path that led to the decision to produce my beloved Faro DOC wines, “Obli’” and “Terra di Vento” , the choice of the winemaker was a difficult and troubled one. Perhaps the most difficult decision of all. I realized that the oenologist would be of fundamental importance. I needed someone who understood my way of interpreting wine: naturalness, simplicity, and a total respect for the territory. Tenuta Enza La Fauci is a very small operation with just a few acres of vineyards which I run with enthusiasm and passion, and for that reason I needed a professional who would share the decisions to be made and would use his competence and commitment to the project to make them succeed. Finally, I wished that the oenologist who would work with me would, as well, love Sicily, a hard and resistant place but one which is also generous with those who learn to understand it. In short, in one word, I sought a winemaker who was trustworthy. Emiliano Falsini possesses all of these qualities, and now I am certain that I chose well”

Nazzareno Cataluffi

“After years of experience, I can state that Tudernum, when it decided in 2003 to begin collaborating with Dr. Emiliano Falsini, knew that this would be a turning point for the cooperative, but we could not even imagine that the changes would come so rapidly. Emiliano Falsini is a consulting winemaker who, though young in years, is skilled and meticulous in his work, and this allows him, every year, to achieve tangible results in his profession. With the Tudernum cellars he has created new wines which are very interesting and much appreciated both by international markets and by well known critics as well. The most important aspect of Dr. Falsini’s work is his constant striving for improvement, his experience in various wine-producing regions of Italy in addition to his knowledge of foreign countries, factors which allow him to deepen his technical knowledge and working abilities. And allow us to take advantage of ideas and concepts which assist us to constantly grow and improve in terms of the quality of the wines”.

Marco Anselmi

“I met Emiliano through a friend who produced wine in Montepulciano with whom he had collaborated for a certain period of time, and I remember the first time that we met, when he immediately began to speak of the importance of territory, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, and old vine vineyards, something rather unusual in a period in many consulting oenologist were speaking of international grape varieties, new high-density vineyards, and wines with little relationship to the appellation. But, after a moment of reflection, those words seemed o recall something familiar and were subsequently transformed into a desire to produce a great Vino Nobile, the expression of an historic vineyard, planted by my grandfather over fifty years ago, which today is able to produce our most representative wine, one dedicated to this same person: our Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Damo.
The most admirable thing about Emiliano is his extreme meticulousness and the simplicity of his approach to wine, a minimal desire to intervene in the winemaking process or to privilege the winemaker rather than the vineyard. He seeks to accompany us in the production of what is intended to be our Vino Nobile; for this reason, we do not use prepared yeasts and utilize only larger casks to age the wine, as tradition dictates; we have also succeeded in saving an old vineyard with local grape varieties which gives our wine a unique touch. His and our desire is to produce a wine which is the finest possible expression of the San Biagio sub-zone of Montepulciano, translating the centuries-old tradition of Vino Nobile into a modern and well appreciated version of the wine.
He, like I, is a young man, but one with clear ideas and solid professional experiences which have helped me enter into the world of wine thanks to his exceptional willingness and availability; he is accompanying me in a important and thrilling voyage through wine”

Paolo e Valerio Casali

Tenuta Casali
“Our working relationship began around four years ago, and our first meeting already showed that Emiliano could give a different orientation to our wine production. The carefully research into the territory, the frequent inspection tours through the vineyards seemed something strange for a winemaker, but this instead was part of Emiliano’s working methods. In fact, thanks to this watchful attention to detail, the quality level of our wines has dramatically improved without losing their territorial character, becoming standard products, or imitating other wines. For Emiliano, the research into the character of the territory remains a guiding principal of the work, only in this way can we confront , together, the future, fully sharing his working philosophy: respect for tradition, winemaking practices based on minimal intervention, and a search for the maximum expression of the vineyard. These are our fundamental principles, thanks as well as to the constant discussions and explorations with Emiliano”.

Federico Aldrovandi

I have known and worked with Emiliano Falsini for almost ten years. In this period of time we have become friends. He never wears a tie but always has interesting shoes, and this says much in his favor!!! We get along quite well because he is the rational part of our operation. He does not have foolish, impractical ideas, he allows the wines to make themselves in the most natural way possible. I do not belief that it is a special gift, it is simply his way of seeing things. His patience and his quiet perseverance in his work surprise me at times but, quite honestly, I could not tolerate a different approach. Together, with our sensibilities, we have succeeded in making wines which unequivocally reflect my character and personality, something which gives me great satisfaction. And, working in this way, Emiliano Falsini has become inseparable from my wine and, deservedly, a part of my life as well”.

Gessica e Giuliano Frollani

Fattoria Casa di Terra
“The decision to work with Emiliano Falsini has demonstrated itself to be an excellent one since the very first day. His love for and dedication to his work, along with his indisputable professionalism, has given us the results we had hoped for. Over the years, the house and its wines have grown in stature, as has the mutual esteem which then became a lovely friendship. Emiliano has accordingly become an integral part of our operation, and together we have succeeded in guaranteeing high level wines and important international recognition.”

Giuseppe Russo

Girolamo Russo
“I met Emiliano Falsini through a happy accident. And I would also term happy that combination of discretion and competence which is part of his character. Emiliano guided my first steps in the world of wine, aiding me to grow and mature, always assisting me, through solicitation and dialogue, to give a concrete form to my own idea of a wine, allowing me to shape my current wines in a style which I recognize as more my own. Thank you, Emiliano”.

Giampaolo Tabarrini

“Emiliano … is a friend, a companion in our journey through the world of wine; he is a young man, even if, at times, appearances can be deceptive, but one with the sagacity of a man with much experience, a great nose, to use cellar jargon! But, above all, he has a palate which matches my own idea of wine; he is ambitious, always searching to improve, respectful of the wines and their tradition; he is a professional who follows the wishes of the producer and doesn’t expect the producer to follow his; he is always the first person to say that the oenologist is not a protagonist, and shows it by remaining backstage; he is modest, and modest persons have the right qualities for making great wine; he is concrete and practical, because chatter never produces real results, I could probably continue for a long time in describing a man who has earned my full respect, to the point of virtually becoming a member of the family.”

Valentino Valentini

“Emiliano is the consulting winemaker who has accompanied us since the foundation of our house. With him we witnessed the birth of our first vintages. He follows our work with constancy and competence from the ripening of the grapes in the vineyards to the interpretation of the wine they will give, maintaining to the maximum degree its varietal and territorial character. We share with him a passion for wine, a love for our soil, convinced as we are that the it is the union between wine and its territory of birth which gives us unique wines and which has, as one of its maximum expressions, Sagrantino di Montefalco. ”

Guido Guardigli

““I have known Emiliano ever since the “Perticaia” project began in the year 2000,; the years have passed quickly but with results which exceed our fondest hopes. All of this has been realized with the technical, professional, and human contribution of Emiliano, who has discovered how to obtain from the grapes of the Perticaia vineyards real personality, accentuating their distinctive character and showing the difference from other grapes and wines from the same territory. I believe that this ability to understand and interpret the house character is Emiliano’s most praiseworthy quality. With much affection, Guido”.

Sergio Lucchi

Terre della Piave
“My working relationship with Emiliano began in 2003 when I made the decision to enter into the world of wine as producer. It was certainly easy to create a creative and proper rapport between us, given the constant availability in terms of time which he always shown and his willingness to discuss and debate everything which involves the production of wine in this zone. His greatest talent is certainly his ability to succeed in bringing our all of the potential of the grapes he works, fully realizing and expressing both the character of the exceptional territory of Bertinoro and of my wine par excellence, Sangiovese.”

Morena Treré

“Emiliano is, professionally, a highly qualified person both in terms of the quality of his work (I am referring to his tasting ability, his competence in both fermenting and blending) and his concision and concentration during the cellar work. No less important are his extreme punctuality with appointments (a characteristics which shows great respect for others) and the precision he shows in his work, the meticulousness with which he follows each and every step. In addition, his character – open to others but reserved at the same time – is much appreciated in human terms, and is equally appreciated by the cellar personnel with whom he works.”

Giulio Parentini

Moris Farms
“Lavoriamo con Emiliano dal 2001. Le sue doti personali hanno sin dall’inizio creato il clima ideale in cui si è sviluppato il nostro rapporto con lui e tra lui e i vini della nostra azienda.
Disponibile, attento, capace, appassionato del suo lavoro è sempre stato pronto a dare una valida e competente risposta a ogni nostra richiesta ed esigenza oltre a garantire ai nostri prodotti il raggiungimento della massima qualità che il mercato ci riconosce ed apprezza.”

Paolo Fiorani

We came to know consulting winemaker Emiliano Falsini when he was working with a neighboring producer in our zone whose wines, over the years, we greatly liked. It seemed only natural, accordingly, once our vineyard began producing grapes, to turn to Dr. Falsini with a request that he take charge of our wines. Ever since, we have worked uninterruptedly together and we obviously have learned his basic working philosophy: up to date techniques, minimal intervention, avoidance of prepared yeasts or operations which, though legally permitted, risk modifying the structure of the wine and, in the last analysis, its genuineness, the way it reflects and expresses its territory. Our wines, principally the Morellino di Scansano, thanks to their quality and to the various wine competitions in which it has received much recognition as well, have thus achieved a rapid penetration of Italian and international markets. Dr. Falsini also collaborates with other producers of Morellino di Scansano, but succeeds in distinguishing one wine from another through an accurate interpretation of the individual areas and sub-zones; those who taste our wine are able to perceive that they are unquestionably drinking a Morellino form Pomonte.”