“The process to create a great wine begins in the vineyards: fine wine can be produced only from quality grapes. I believe in an oenology respectful toward the raw materials, not invasive and with a main aim: to satisfy the consumers.

To produce great wines, respecting both the environment and the customers, is the aim of everyone who loves wine, like I do. In fact, the oenologist is the person who, thanks to his technical know-how, his sensitivity in tasting and his professional experience, has to understand the expectations of the company in order to produce a wine which has to be the right expression of the land, of the vineyard, of the producer and that must receive as much as possible positive appreciations.

A wine must be the expression of a company and its land. Behind each label there is a history made of men who have produce it. The tradition and innovation must melt together in order to look towards the future with wines characterized by a new conception. It is important to produce modern wines that keep their tadition, in order to afford a competitive market keeping alive the corporate assets.”


-    The analysis of the real wine potential of the company
-    The identification of the best moment for the grape harvest
-    The varietal definition of new plants
-    The assistance during the harvesting and vinification
-    The assistance during the ageing of the wines
-    The assistance for the bottling process
-    The choice of the tools for the cellar
-    The analytical check of the must and of the wine
-    Communication and public relation with the media
-    The study and planning of vineyards systems
-    The designing and realization of cellars
-    Consulting and advices for the packaging
-    The definition of the company style