I was born and raised in Tuscany, a few kilometers from the city of Florence and, from my very first years, my rapport with the rural world was an integral part of my daily existence. After graduating with a diploma as agronomist from a technical high school, I continued my studies, completing a doctorate in Viticulture and Oenology from the University of Florence and a summa cum laude thesis on viticulture. To further develop and deepen my knowledge in the field of oenology, I studied at the faculty of the University of Bordeaux, with particular attention to techniques of production and sensorial analysis. I have always been stimulated by the idea of confronting and learning from other viticultural areas and zones, and accordingly I have worked in California, New Zealand, and Argentina as well. The ambition to learn has inspired a desire to travel in many of the world’s countries and zones to better under their history, their wines, and the people who work in our sector, striving each and every day to produce important wines.

I began my career, and continue to work as a consulting oenologist, as part of the Matura Group (Gruppo Matura), a stimulating environment involving other high level professionals with whom I compare ideas and experiences to jointly develop and enrich our technical and human capacities. At the present moment, I work with many projects in various and disparate high level viticultural areas of Italy, and this allows me to have a larger and wider vision of the current state of Italian wine.