“Anima Libera” Wines

Anima Libera is a project born from an inner desire of producing limited quantities of wines from some of the most enchanting places in Italy, inclined to winemaking and oenology. For many years I have breathed the perfumes and aromas of these areas and tasted the fruits of this lands, developing the desire of following my target. The wines I wanted to produce had to be expression of the places where the grapes grew and direct evidence of my personal style. In fact, I believe that every wine must maintain alive its roots: in a wine you must feel the the land and the vineyards from which it comes from.

I wanted to convey my passion and love for wines in a series of products that could represent my vision of some Italian territories that I particularly like, where I have selected grapes of great quality and manufactured them respecting the handmade processes in order to offer a vision of the most typical oenology of high quality.
Anima Libera is a project that allow to choose among a selection of Italian wines of the best vintages, in accordance to the most important rules of respect and care of the local Italian wines identities.

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